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April 05 2013


What is ECO funding?

What is ECO Funding?

ECO represents Energy Company Obligation. This is a piece of government legislation that runs alongside the new Green Deal scheme and is designed to help low-income and vulnerable households install economical improvements with their homes. ECO Funding can cover costly improvements that will not otherwise belong to saving money Deal golden rule, which states the amount being saved must outweigh the expense of the whole shebang. There are four main improvements that ECO Funding is meant for:

ECO funding
 Cavity wall insulation

 Solid wall insulation (internal or external)

 Loft insulation

 Heating improvement

Who will pay for it?

Improvements made with the ECO Funding scheme are covered directly by the big energy suppliers. The government has reported that they must help to improve the vitality efficiency of disadvantaged households and hard-to-treat homes.

May i get ECO Funding?

The ECO scheme will explain to you three different categories:

CERO: Carbon Emission Reduction Obligation

Primarily for hard-to-treat homes for example period properties, either public or private, that can't make use of the standard methods of insulation. One of the most likely improvements will probably be solid wall insulation or cavity wall insulation specifically designed for older structures.

CSCO: Carbon Saving Community Obligation

This area of the scheme is for those living in specific areas, offering insulation and heating improvements. Your personal circumstances usually are not taken into consideration, where exactly you live.

HHCRO: Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation

Specifically for those found on low-incomes or who already receive certain qualifying benefits, HHCRO will offer any measures that assist decrease the household's heating costs. Look at your HHCRO eligibility now.
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